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You will be no more with the easy to understand VeganCheck Grades.
VeganCheck Grades is a rating system for vegan products, that assigns one of six grades to a product.

Our grades

The products with a VeganCheck Grade are evaluated by a small team of volunteers and categorized according to their characteristics.

Grade A+

Only the best of the best products get a Grade A+! Not only has the product to be vegan and cruelty-free, but it also can not cotain palm-oil, has to be produced carbon-neutral and with renewable energies, has to have a fair price and much more. A product rated A+ is recommended to buy!

Grade A

Grade A is the second highest grade and everything from Grade A+ applies, except for the fair price, the usage of renewable energies and an indipendent laboratory analysis if it is a supplement or suppelemental product (e.g. protein shakes). A product rated A is recommended to buy!

Grade B

Grade B still has high standards, such as not made with palm-oil, no animal-cruelty, the manufacturer is not associated with any other harmful actions, good nutritional value if applicable (foods), proven health-claims if applicable (food and beauty) and proven effect if applicable (beauty). A product rated B is recommended to buy!

Grade C

Grade C is still an average score. The product has to be made with at least sustainable palm-oil, has to have a good nutritional value if applicable (foods), has to have proven health-claims if applicable (food and beauty) and has to have a proven effect if applicable (beauty). Depending on your standards, you should consider if you want to buy a product rated C.

Grade D

Grade D is the worst grade a product can get, besides "Not eligible". Products rated with D have to have proven health-claims if applicable (food and beauty) and a proven effect if applicable (beauty). You should generelly consider a better rated option to buy.

Not eligible

All other products are not eligible for evaluation and are not recommended for purchase.

Grade A+Grade BGrade CGrade AGrade DGrade Not eligible

Everything at a fingertip

VeganCheck Grades are now available within VeganCheck.me!

Gone are the days of spending hours in the grocery store reading labels and trying to decipher ingredient lists. With VeganCheck.me, finding vegan-friendly products has never been easier: Simply scan the barcode of any product with your smartphone, and our user-friendly app will let you know if it's vegan or not.

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Request a product rating

Individual costumers as well as producers are abled to request a VeganCheck Grade for a certain product. Producers can also send additional information (such as a certificate of using renweable energies in production) to us via e-mail, to increase their (already existing) product rating.

March 2022
The idea of VeganCheck Grades gets proposed on GitHub

March 2022
First concept of the grades created, added to the roadmap for VeganCheck v2.0

April 2022
First volunteers rate products for VeganCheck Grades & first 100 ratings awarded

February 2023
Public launch of VeganCheck Grades with VeganCheck v2.2